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Listening to your guide is essential. Please do not litter, deface landscape or harass any wildlife or livestock. Violations of these will result in the end of your trip and the forfeiture of your fees.

Although we will do our best to help you find dinosaur bones, there is no guarantee that you will find any. We will allow you to keep most of the bones you find, but we reserve the absolute right in the exercise of our sole discretion to prohibit you from removing bones, fossils or other materials. We will not allow you to keep anything mammal or carnivore, including, but not limited to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Champsosaurus or Struthiomimus. We also will not allow you to take part of a bone if time does not allow you to remove the entire bone, or take a bone if there are indications that the fossil might be part of a skeleton or portion of a skeleton. All such determinations shall be made by us in the exercise of our sole discretion.

You may keep up to a reasonable amount of other rock, which we estimate to be about 150 pounds. You may buy extra pounds at 50 cents per pound.

All children must be supervised by their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian is totally responsible for their children at all times.

Dinosaur bone hunting will be in rough badlands, several miles from the ranch headquarters or any paved roads. Weather may be very extreme: in excess of 100 degrees with little or no shade, windy, chilly or stormy. Gumbo soil may be extremely slick when wet so we will cancel when weather requires it. There are no restrooms or drinkable water. Be prepared.

Be sure to bring a gallon of water, a sack lunch if you are planning on the all day hunt, sturdy shoes (no sandals), hat, sunscreen, and preferably long pants.

Rattlesnakes, scorpions and other types of wild life may occasionally be found. Always be careful when turning rocks over and walking through brush.

Refunds: During the dig, if you decide to quit, we will not refund. If we have to cancel due to weather we will prorate out a refund. A day trip consists of 8 hours and a half-day consists of 4 hours. Time is counted from the time you arrive at the ranch house until we return to it.

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